Best price MH-1210A Digital thermometer 24V 10A thermoregulator thermostat temperature controller -40~120 degrees

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Tolerate 3000 high and low temperature impact of high-precision imported chips, drift small, more stable performance, User parameters and administrator parameters were set, the user set the parameter value, hysteresis temperature control function, the use of more simple and convenient. There are two modes of heating and cooling A number of tests to complete the lightning surge, Zhou drop, electrostatic discharge, anti-interference level of industrial four, in line with national CQC standards


It Can be widely used in a variety of refrigeration management in the low-temperature cold storage, freezer, console. Applicable to large-scale aquaculture users who demand high environmental requirements. It Can also be used as aquarium thermostat. Suitable for projects with strict temperature standards and laboratory temperature control. Set the home temperature control, high temperature start or low temperature start, enjoy your intelligent life.


Product Type: MH-1210A

Working voltage: DC 24V±10%

Rated current: 10A

Temperature control range: -40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃

Temperature measurement error: ± 0.5 ℃

Sensor Model: NTC (10K / 3435)

Display accuracy of 0.1 degrees: 1 ℃

Operating current: MAX 200mA

The relay contact current: AC10A / 220V, can withstand 2200W load

Working temperature: 0-60 ℃

Storage temperature: -10 ~ 60 ℃

Instrument size: 75 * 34 * 85mm

Opening size: 71 * 28mm

Compatible with refrigeration and heating control

Hysteresis adjustable. (1-30 ° C)

With delay start function

Temperature upper and lower limit setting function, factory parameter locking function

Support to restore factory settings

Support power-down storage (sudden power-off settings are still valid)

Supports temperature correction

Data retention

Package Includes:

1 * Temperature Controller
1 * Temperature Sensor
1 * Instruction Manual

Thermometer Digital App

Selecting the most appropriate thermometer often relies on who you are. One example is, some thermometers measure temperature over the mouth or ear home owners make measurements within the forehead or armpit. The thermometer can also vary influenced by measurement techniques just like laser use, surface readings or internal readings.

Price:  US $10.00 / piece